Lewis-Skelly over the moon with first contract

Myles Lewis-Skelly couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face. Just days after his 17th birthday, our young midfielder was signing his first professional contract at his boyhood club.

Click play on the video above to hear what Myles had to say.

Myles, congratulations on your first pro contract. How does it feel?

It feels amazing. I’m so delighted because, since I was a boy, I’ve been dreaming of this moment right here. To say that I’m a professional football player now is a dream come true for me and I just want to thank all the staff and all my family that come to support me. For the support around me, I couldn’t be any more grateful.

You had plenty of family and friends here today didn’t you? How much does it mean to them?

I like to think it means the world to them as well. For them to be here, it’s a dream come true to share this moment with them.

You just recently signed your scholar deal as well, so to get the pro contract so soon after that - what does it mean to see that faith the club has shown in you?

I’m so happy that the club has shown this faith in me. I think that I’ve put in the work as well, so it’s good to see the club putting the faith in me.

One of your highlights of course was scoring that header against Man City in the FA Youth Cup semi final. Just tell us what it felt like to score that in front of a crowd at Emirates Stadium.

Words can’t describe that feeling to be honest. That was one of the best moments of my career. I’m speechless really!

You mentioned the coaching earlier as well. How important are the roles that Jack and Mehmet have played throughout your career so far been in your development?

It’s huge. They’ve put belief in me and keep challenging me because I’m a person that likes to be challenged and likes to be stretched. Them putting that faith and belief in me, I’m so happy that they’ve done that.

As you’ve been with us since the age of nine, can you really put into words how much this club means to you?

No words to describe it. It means the world to me, my boyhood club ever since I can remember. To play for Arsenal, I’m truly speechless.

What would you like to achieve next? What’s the next objective for you, do you think?

I know it will be quite tough but the next objective is to break through to the first team. I believe that my ability and mindset can really distinguish me from the rest. Hopefully, if they give me opportunities, I can take them and keep working, keep my head down, and hopefully the results can take care of themselves.

You’ve been around the first team squad before haven’t you? What was that experience like?

It’s so good just to learn from the players, learn their good habits and implement them into my game so I can keep developing and enjoy that environment because I like to ask questions and learn from the best. I can’t complain.

Just recently we saw a few academy players in the first team squad against Brentford. How important is it for you to be able to see that pathway?

It’s so important for me to keep me motivated because there can be opportunities given to the young players. Me seeing that makes me believe it even more and be more hungry to get there.

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