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Check out our Twitter Q&A with Lia Walti

Lia Walti

We asked you to send us your best questions for a Twitter Q&A with Lia Walti on Friday - and you certainly delivered.

'Which Arsenal player would be the most entertaining in a reality TV show? Who's the most difficult opponent you've ever faced? And which three team-mates would you select to form a girl group?’ were just some of the questions our No 13 was asked!

Read on to find out how she responded…

Would you rather kiss a jellyfish or step on a crab? 

That's a really good question! I wouldn't like either of them, but I hate crabs and would definitely scream if I stepped on one. I guess I'd choose to kiss the jellyfish...

Which teammate do you think was the most annoying kid at school? 

There is only one answer for me and it's Jill Roord! She has to be the one. She loves to annoy people and I do think she used to do that in school as well. Maybe she'd be like a little princess! She's very good at annoying people and I think in school she loved doing exactly the opposite of what she got told to do. 

From all of the players you’ve played against, who was the most difficult opponent? 

It's hard to only choose one because I think there are so many good players, but if I had to go with the current Arsenal squad, there are obviously a few that I don't really like to defend against. Of course, you can't forget Viv in that situation because I think no matter how much space you give her, she does exactly the opposite. She's quick, she's good with her left, with her right and with her head, and she's smart too. She always knows what to do when the defender gives her just a little bit of space, or even a little bit of anything. She's unique in women's football and I think she challenges us every day in training. She challenges every opponent team in each of our games.

Which Arsenal player would be the best in a reality TV show? 

This is actually hard to choose one. I reckon Lisa Evans would be good, though, because she's really entertaining, she can laugh about herself, she's funny and she's silly. She makes most people laugh and she'd be really entertaining for all of us. 

If you weren’t a football player, but could compete in any other sport, what would it be? 

It would probably be tennis of badminton, I really like both. Maybe I wouldn't like the fact that it isn't a team sport, but I really enjoy them. I'm not that good, but it's fun! 

If you were stuck on a desert island with a teammate, who would you most like to be with? 

Me and Caitlin would work pretty well. She keeps me entertained and we've been laughing quite a lot. We find a lot of things to keep ourselves busy and I think that would really help us on a desert island. I'm not sure we'd survive, though... 

If you had to start a band with three of your teammates, who would you choose? 

This is a really good question because I reckon we could have a really big band from our team. We have a lot of really entertaining girls, so I don't think I could only say three. I think Louise Quinn is really cool and I think Leah Williamson as well. As I've already said, Lisa Evans is very entertaining, and Caitlin would also be very good too. Jill is a good dancer and maybe we could have Beth Mead as well? She just doesn't care, she does whatever makes people laugh. 

If you could be in the body of another Arsenal player for a full day, who would you choose and why? 

If we're going off skills on the pitch, then I'd definitely like to be a really good striker that scores many goals, and that would be Viv, obviously. It always looks so easy the way she scores goals, and I'd love to be in that body just once to see how it feels and do what I want to the opposition players! I'd love to be the player who can decide the games with the goals because I think that's something I've never really experienced myself. 

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