Chambers - Health and safety the priority

Calum Chambers
Calum Chambers

Calum Chambers was the star guest on the Arsenal House Party on Thursday, where he gave an update on his fitness and fielded questions from our Facebook followers.

Catch up with some of the standout quotes right here:


on returning to football...

I know the players are desperate to get back, the staff are desperate to be back in, but as we all know the health and safety of everyone at this moment in time is more important. The time [to play football again] will come but right now it's more important to stay safe, do what we're told and stick to the government guidelines. You see all the key workers doing such an amazing job during this period so I think it's important for us to play our part where we can. It's listening to what is said, following the guidelines and doing what we can to speed up this process and get everything back to normal.


on helping the local community...

I am very proud [of what the club is doing]. I think it's 90,000 free meals to the local community and other stuff as well so what Arsenal are doing as a club is fantastic. I know we're all very proud of it. I think us as players donated some money to the NHS so we want to play our part and do our bit when we can.

on whether he's been to Colney yet...

No, no [I've not been to London Colney yet] I've just been doing stuff at home. For what I need right now I have got all the facilities at home so I have just been staying here and doing what I can here. I think if it got to a point where I needed to go in I could potentially go in but at the moment I'm just cracking on with what I have here as that's good for now.


on the timing of his injury...

The season was going well. To be honest, it was a bit of a frustrating start to the season but then I put my head down and worked hard, accepted situations and worked my way back into the team. Things were going well and the injury just came at a bad time. Up until then it was going well and I was really happy so I've now just got to focus on getting back to that place which I was in before.

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