An update on Chambers' injury rehab

Calum Chambers
Calum Chambers

Calum Chambers has thanked our medical staff for keeping his rehabilitation on track during lockdown - but he's not thinking about a comeback just yet.

Chambers was a first-team regular towards the end of last year but he suffered knee ligament damage during Mikel Arteta's first game in charge at Emirates Stadium, against Chelsea on December 29.


Since then the 25-year-old has made steady progress, despite the restrictions enforced amid the Covid-19 pandemic.


"The surgery went well and in term of recovery I'm just cracking on with what I can do at home," said Chambers, speaking on our House Party show on Facebook.


"I am lucky enough to have some gym equipment here so I've been working on my strength in my leg, my knee and my quad. It's all about building up strength in the quad to then hopefully progress onto more stuff.


"It has just been about adapting to the situation we're in and finding things I can do at home to keep myself going. The guys have been great on FaceTime and Zoom every other day. They spend three hours at a time on FaceTime talking and walking me through each session, so credit to them. Without them it would have been a real struggle so they've been really good for me.

"At the start it was, 'Let's stick to these times, keep the routine going' but as it's progressed they've allowed me to have a lie-in here and there, which has been nice.


"We've been trying to stick to morning rehab, so on some days at the moment I have double sessions where I'll do stuff in the morning and in the afternoon. It's all about keeping a routine and keeping that momentum going.


"To be honest, [not putting a timeframe on my comeback] is one of the first things I said when I started the rehab. I don't want to put a timescale on anything. I want to make sure it's right, take my time on it and make sure I do it properly.


"In my head I haven't even put a date on it, put a timescale on it, it's just doing everything you can in the moment to get the best out of the situation. Hopefully it all just builds and progresses from there. I'm just trying to get through different phases and different blocks as and when I can."

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