#ArsenalGap – Coach, learn and travel with Arsenal

Are you looking to develop your coaching, teaching and leadership skills? Or are you looking to take a break and build your CV whilst travelling the world representing Arsenal? If so, the Arsenal Gap Year Programme may be perfect for you.

We are recruiting Gappers for our August intake of the #ArsenalGap. Since the programme started in 2006, hundreds of young people have coached all over the world, from Australia and Mozambique, and Bolivia to India – coaching and teaching children, wearing the Arsenal badge. 

Starting in August you will be based at the club, learning how to coach and gaining your FA Level 1 coaching badge. Once the schools get started in September you will be putting your learning in to practice as you coach young people in local primary and secondary schools, whilst continuing to have your coach education sessions and getting behind the scenes access to life at the club.

As January comes around - having now gained your TEFL qualification and your FA Level 2 Block 1 badge - you’re packing your bags for Stage 2, where you will be going on placement for three months at one of our community partner projects around the world 

Your placement could be anywhere from the Philippines to Uganda, working with local NGO community partners, you spend your day delivering high quality football sessions and teaching English, often with a focus on life skills or using the sport to tackle local issues that the young people will face in their day-to-day life. 

Stage 3 also offers up the opportunity to experience a totally different country as you go abroad again, honing your skills further, before finishing the year having travelled the world, gained qualifications and life experience – ready for your next adventure! 

"If you want a varied gap year where you will not only have the time of your life, but can also build up skills that you can use anywhere, the Arsenal Gap Year is for you." – Julia Cook

“By the end of the programme I had directly coached over 2,000 children from London, Philippines and Ghana. It feels great knowing I have helped and educated that many children.” - Tom Hatcher

“The Gap Year is a lot more than just coaching development. It gives you an excellent opportunity to travel and volunteer whilst doing something you love every day. I have seen different cultures and hugely different ways of living and working. I have done things I never thought I would whilst meeting so many incredible and inspiring people along the way.” – James Banathy

“If you can stand in front of 100 kids, with whom you do not share a common language, with no equipment other than a ball and maybe a couple of cones, and keep them entertained for an hour, there will be very few things you can’t do. Since the Gap Year I have given presentations to very senior people, and not felt half as intimidated as I was before my first coaching session.” - Laura Kirk

The #ArsenalGap is a voluntary programme. Click here for more info on the #ArsenalGap or apply here now. Follow #ArsenalGap on Twitter @AFCCommunity Instagram: arsenal_in_the_community and Facebook: @AFCCommunity

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