Junior Gunners

Win an Arsenal baby bruised banana set 👶

Arsenal Baby Bruises Banana set

We're giving away five Official Arsenal baby bruised banana sets, just for WTOW's!

Put your littlest ones on the winning track in the Arsenal Baby Bruised Banana 4 Piece set for little gunners-to-be. It includes a sleepsuit and matching hat, bib, and onesie, all featuring our most iconic '90s chevron design. For your chance to win, answer the question below and fill out the form!

Question: How many letters are there in the word 'Gunnersaurus'?

Put your answer in the form below and we'll randomly select five winners who will receive a brand new tracksuit each!

This competition is open to all paid Junior Gunners Members age 0-4 years and closes on 15 January 2023 at 11:59PM (UK time). Information about how Arsenal handles personal data is available at www.arsenal.com/privacy-policy. Permission from a parent or guardian is required.