Young Guns Enclosure

The Young Guns enclosure is seating area at selected Arsenal home games for Junior Gunners aged from 12 to 16 years old.

In this area, up to 1,000 discounted tickets priced at just £10 are available for weekend Premier League category B and C home matches. Only Young Guns can sit in this section so get your mates together, head to the game and make some noise!

 Membership starts from just £10 – Click here to join.

How can I buy tickets?
Tickets will go on sale to Young Guns two months prior to each of the eligible home games.

Across the season we will notify you when tickets go on sale through the Young Guns bi-weekly e-mail newsletter. If you don’t receive the newsletter, please e-mail with your name, membership number and email address and request to be added to the mailing list.

When tickets go on sale you can book online at or telephone the Arsenal Contact Centre on 020 7619 5000 and select option 1.

How do I purchase tickets with friends?
Only Junior Gunners who are Young Guns and aged 12 to 16 can sit within this section. If you wish to sit with another Young Gun at a match it is advised that you purchase your tickets at the same time using your individual membership number.

Can I attend with anyone who is not a Young Guns Junior Gunner?
The Family Enclosure will continue to hold up to 4,000 supporters per match so you can still attend the matches with other eligible members outside of this age group. Only Young Guns are eligible to sit in the Young Guns Enclosure.

What happens if the game is moved to midweek?
The Young Guns enclosure is not open for midweek games. If you have purchased a ticket and the game moves to midweek, your seats may be moved to the family enclosure, in which case you will be notified by e-mail. If you no longer wish to attend the match you will be able to telephone the Arsenal Contact centre on 020 7619 5000 and select option 1 to request a refund which must be received no less than 72 hours prior to the advertised kick-off.

I’m not a Junior Gunner, how do I join?
Membership starts from just £10 for Lite (without pack and Stadium Tour) and £20 for Full Membership. To find out more and join as a member click here.

What facilities are there for disabled supporters in the Young Guns Enclosure?

There is a wheelchair platform located close to the Young Guns Enclosure where disabled supporters and their carers will be able to sit. For further information please contact the Disability Liaison Team; Tel: 020 7619 5050, e-mail

Will the Young Guns Enclosure be supervised?
As with all other areas of Emirates Stadium, trained Stewards will be situated within the area to ensure that all health and safety requirements are met. There will be no restrictions in place to prevent Young Guns leaving the stadium as and when they choose.

Emirates Stadium Ground Regulations apply and breach of these may lead to a removal from the stadium. Any young person participating in criminal activity will be subject to appropriate lawful police intervention. Parents/guardians will not be notified by Arsenal Football Club of any such lawful intervention.

Arsenal is unable to accept responsibility for the care of individual children within this area and it is recommended that you only allow your child to attend if they are confident and comfortable with being in a stadium environment without adult supervision.

Click here to view the Ground Regulations

Use of photography and film
In accordance with the Ground Regulations, all persons inside the Emirates Stadium on a matchday may be captured in photographic images and/or video recordings and/or stills taken from those video recordings and such media may be used in televised coverage of the game or by Arsenal or other parties in perpetuity for any purpose, including marketing or promotional purposes.

Unless a young person or their parent or guardian notifies Arsenal in writing to the contrary, the parent’s or guardian’s consent to such use is deemed to be granted when the young person attends a match in the Young Guns Enclosure.

Should any media feature an individual prominently, Arsenal will seek the young person’s parents' or guardian’s consent before using such media.

Evacuation procedure
In the event of an emergency evacuation of Emirates Stadium on a matchday, all supporters are directed to areas 400 metres away from the stadium to ensure the safety of all supporters. Arsenal is unable to accept responsibly for the care of individual children in this situation.

Where is the Young Guns Enclosure located?
The Young Guns Enclosure is located next to the Family Enclosure in the lower tier of the stadium, turnstile M or N, located in the Clock End (south).

Please note that road closures come into effect two hours prior to kick-off and remain in place for up to two hours after the final whistle. For information on how to travel to the stadium, click here

What happens if a young person falls ill?
If a young person falls ill within the Young Guns Enclosure, this will be responded to by St. John’s Ambulance staff and parents will be notified accordingly. It is therefore essential that all children/young people attending a match in the Young Guns Enclosure have details of an emergency contact number on them.