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Q. Who is eligible to use the Ticket Transfer service to transfer their seat(s)?
A. Platinum and Gold Level Members only.

Q. When can I transfer my seat for a game?
A. Ticket Transfer will be enabled two calendar months before a fixture is played and will coincide with the Silver Members on sale, unless stated otherwise. Please check the ticket Information page on for up to date details or you can view it by entering your membership number & password into the online Box Office (ticket hub).

Q. I am a Silver / Red Member can I transfer my ticket using this service?
A. No, unfortunately you will not be able to transfer your tickets via this service.

Q. Is this service available over the telephone?
A No, unfortunately due to the number of transfers that are likely to take place and the need for automation this is an online service only available through

Q. What happens if I want to transfer a ticket from a discounted under 24 ticket to someone over 24?

A. Young Adult and Cannon Season Ticket Holders can utilise Ticket Transfer to transfer their ticket to someone eligible for the sale concession discount. If you are a Young Adult or a Cannon Season Ticket Holder and wish to transfer your seat to an adult, please call Fan Services to upgrade your ticket on 0207 619 5000. This can be done a maximum of two times per season, seat checks will be in operation to ensure there is no abuse of the concession discount at the Emirates. You cannot upgrate a ticket once the game if offline, 3 hours priro to kick off. If you need to do this more than twice a season, we recommend upgrading your season ticket. 

Q. I am a Gold Level member in the Family Enclosure can I use the Ticket Transfer service?
A. Unfortunately you will not be able to use this facility online, however, please telephone our Fan Services Team on 020 7619 5000 opening hours (Monday-Friday 9:30am-5pm) for more details.

Q. I am a Gold Level member in the Disabled Enclosure can I use the Ticket Transfer service? 
A. Unfortunately you will not be able to use this facility online, however, please contact the Disability Team on 020 7619 5000 (Option 2) for more details.

Q. How do I use the Ticket Transfer service?
A. A full step-by-step guide to this new service is available here.

Q. My friend does not have access to a computer can I transfer their ticket for them via the Ticket Transfer service?
A. Yes, season ticket holders will also have the facility to transfer other members' tickets as long they have already been added to level two of your Arsenal Network.

Q. Is there a fee to transfer my season ticket?
A. There is a small fee of £1 per ticket for Gold Members only to transfer their ticket(s) for each match.

Q. What can I do if I have transferred my seat and then change my mind?
A. If the recipient has not accepted your transfer offer then you will have the ability to cancel the pending offer.

Q. I have transferred my seat through the Ticket Transfer service which has been accepted and now wish to attend the fixture, is there anything I can do?
A. Unfortunately no, once a transfer has been accepted your season card will be deactivated.

Q. Is there a limit to how many times that I can transfer a seat in a season?
A. Subject to Ticket Transfer being ‘live' for a fixture, you can transfer for as many fixtures as you wish.

Q. Are there any other ways that I can transfer my ticket?
A. No, Ticket Transfer is the only official and legal way for Gold members to transfer their seats.

Q. Can I check the status of my transferred seat(s) online?
A. Yes, you can view the status by entering your membership number & password into the online Box Office (ticket hub) and selecting My Account where you can view your booking history.

Q. I have transferred my ticket to my friend but they have not accepted within the deadline, what will happen to my ticket, can i still go to the game?
A. Should your ticket not be accepted then your season card will remain active for the relevant game.

Q. If the person I have transferred my ticket to has declined can I select another person to transfer to?
A. Yes, you can select another person within your Arsenal network to transfer your ticket to which will cost Gold Members £1 per ticket.

Q. I am not a member, how will I receive my ticket?
A. As a non member you will receive a Ticketfast (print at home) ticket

Q. I am a member, will my membership card be activated?
A. No, a Ticket Transfer print at home ticket will be generated and sent to all recipients using this service, however there maybe occasions when paper tickets are printed and dispatched if a fixture is available via the Friends and Family service or on General sale.

Q. What is My Arsenal Network?
A. Adding Arsenal members to your Arsenal Network will make it easier for you to use our online services. Click here for a full step by step guide.

Q. What is the deadline set to transfer my seat(s) via the Ticket Transfer service?
A. The Ticket Transfer service will be available up to 3 hours before the advertised kick off time, unless stated otherwise. 

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