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Cashback, frequently asked questions

What is Cashback?

The Cashback service provides a way of reimbursing Arsenal members who have accrued monies by selling tickets via the Ticket Exchange service.

When will the Cashback facility be available?

The Cashback service will be available throughout each season during monthly Cashback windows. Information of which can be found by clicking here

I have several members in My Network; can I use the Cashback service for them?

Each individual member must log in to their own online account to withdraw the funds directly into their bank account during the designated Cashback windows.

Who is eligible to use the Cashback service?

This service is available to Arsenal members who have successfully sold their tickets via the Ticket Exchange service.

What information do I need to use the Cashback service?

You will need to confirm the following.

Name of the account holder

Name of the bank/building society

Sort code

Account number (Must be a UK bank account)

Can I use a non-UK bank account to withdraw my funds?

This service is available for UK bank account holders only. Members based overseas can complete a form to request the withdrawal of any funds. Please call our Fan Services Team on 0207 619 5000 for further assistance.

What happens if I enter incorrect bank account details?

Please ensure that you enter the correct bank details, any information that is incorrectly submitted will result in a failed transfer request and you will have to wait until the next available cashback window to resubmit the withdrawal request.

How long will it take for the funds to be transferred to my bank/building society?

Please be reminded that funds will clear into your account after a minimum of 10 working days has passed from when the Cashback service has closed. Members based outside of the UK should allow for 21 working days.

What description will be listed on my bank statement next to the credited funds?

The description will show as Arsenal Football Club.

Can I retrieve my funds immediately after my seat has sold for a fixture via the Ticket Exchange service?

Members can withdraw their funds during the designated Cashback windows.

What happens if I submit incorrect account details?

If you submit incorrect bank details, the funds will return to your account to be withdrawn at a future Cashback window. 

Will I be notified if my withdrawal request fails?

You will be able to view the transaction in the ‘Cashback’ tab, by logging in to your Arsenal account once it has been completed.

Can I update my account details if they change after submitting a withdrawal request?

You must wait for a future Cashback window to update the account details.

I am a Gold/Silver/Red member, who do I contact if I have a query regarding this service?

Gold, Silver and Red members must call our Fan Services team on 020 7619 5000, who will look to assist with your query.

I am a Platinum member, who do I contact if I have a query regarding this service?

Platinum members must call 0345 262 0001, and a member of the Premium team will look to assist with your query.

How will I be made aware that my funds have been submitted successfully into my account?

The status of your withdrawal request can be viewed at any time after a successful submission by viewing the Cashback tab in the Account Menu section of the online Box Office. It can take up to 10 working days for the funds to clear into your account and once the funds have cleared it will show as ‘paid’.

Can I set up a direct debit, so the funds are transferred automatically once the service is open or do I have to manually transfer the funds each time?

You must log in and request the funds manually in each available Cashback window. 

What happens if I don’t use the service and leave the funds in my account?

As in previous seasons, the funds will be deducted from your Platinum and Gold membership renewal for the following season.

Do I have to transfer all my accrued funds, or can I select a specific amount when the window to use Cashback is open?

You can select any amount within your account, with a minimum withdrawal set of £5.00.

Can I leave my account funds to build up over a period of seasons or do they need to be cleared by a certain date?

No, the funds must be cleared from your account at the end of each season.

If I don’t renew my membership, is there a window that I can withdraw my funds at the end of the season?

If you don’t renew your membership, the date will be advertised when you must log into your account and withdraw the funds before the service closes for that season.

Can I use my account funds to purchase Home/Away tickets or merchandise from the retail store?


Will there be any fees charged for using this service?

No, there is no charge for using this service.


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