'You've got to see it out - we're The Arsenal'

Kevin Campbell
Kevin Campbell

In May 1991, Nottingham Forest beat Liverpool 2-1 to hand us our second league title in three seasons.

Speaking exclusively to our 'In Lockdown' podcast, Kevin Campbell revealed his memories from what was a special day at Highbury.
"We were playing Manchester United," he said. "If you remember correctly, Nottingham Forest played Liverpool at the City Ground and that was before our game. We were at the South Parks golf club having our pre-match meal and obviously the game was on. We were hearing that Forest had taken the lead and that they were giving Liverpool problems. I think Forest ended up winning the game 2-1.

"We were going down to Highbury, past Finsbury Park - you can imagine they were celebrating in the street and it's pandemonium. So we get to the ground, park up, and we go through to the dressing room and it's like a party atmosphere. The directors are in the dressing room, that never really happened. Peter Hill-Wood, the late Peter Hill-Wood, bless the chairman. He came down with some of the directors, having a little tipple and telling us well done.
"It was surreal because normally you play and then win [the title]. Whereas, we'd won it before we'd even played. Then the party hats and wigs came out. Even Sir Alex Ferguson came into our dressing room to wish us well and say well done.
"I remember [the game] was easy. Normally when you play Manchester United, there's pressure, but the pressure was off because we'd won the title, we could play more freely. Alan Smith scored a hat-trick that day and we ended up winning the game 3-1.
"My favourite assist of my career was in that game because I picked the ball up, I turned and I'm running... nobody could see how I could get the ball to Alan Smith. I passed the ball with my laces, with the outside of my foot and it went straight through to him on an angle. He took it and put it in and I remember the feeling, you know? It was just amazing, that we were winning, we'd won the title, but we were doing the business at home.
"I think that was the key. George Graham was a stickler for taking no time off. ‘There's no easy game. You've got to see it out because we're The Arsenal.’ That resonated throughout the team and we were well worthy of winning that title."

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