‘You’d be making worldie saves before the game’

David Seaman will always have a special relationship with Bob Wilson.

Our former stopper worked with Wilson during his time at Queens Park Rangers, and spent every day with one another when they were reunited at Arsenal.


Wilson even went on to become the former England international’s best man twice, and Seaman treasures the time the duo spent together in north London.


“What makes Bob special is that he used to give you confidence in training, so you didn’t have to go and play well in a game,” he told Arsenal Player. 


“In training he would do exercises where you would have to make two or three worldie saves, ones that really turn a game or are really special.


‘But what he used to do is, if you made one of those worldie saves in the first two or three minutes, he’d say ‘Right, out,’ and you’d go out of that session feeling so full of confidence because you’d make this great save.


“That was a speciality of Bob’s because you could make that worldie and then the next ball that comes in you could mess it up and as a goalkeeper you will remember the one that you’ve messed up and that would get you down, but Bob knew ‘Right, you’ve made a great save, out you go,’ and you’d keep that confidence.


“He used to do that regularly and not just with me. I was fortunate that I was with him all the time, but all the other goalkeepers that came along the way as well, he did exactly the same.”

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