Wilshere enjoys big win against Fulham

Jack Wilshere expressed his delight following his team's consecutive London derby victories, with a resounding 5-2 triumph over Fulham on Saturday morning.

Chido Martin Obi's four-goal heroics, coupled with Louis Zecevic John's contribution, marked a staggering total of 13 goals across our last two league matches.

"I really enjoyed the performance," Wilshere reflected. "We had a blend of players spanning from under-14s to under-18s. It's always intriguing to see how they play together, how they fight together, and today, I felt we witnessed that in abundance."

Acknowledging the significant role of coaching staff both at Hale End and Sobha Realty Training Centre, Wilshere commended their efforts in preparing the players. "It's reassuring to know that if I field an under-14 who isn't a regular in our training sessions, I can trust that they grasp our playing style and tactics," he noted. "Today, they demonstrated that understanding flawlessly, which is a testament to the diligent work of all our coaches."

Assessing the team's performance on and off the ball, Wilshere highlighted areas for improvement while also praising moments of brilliance. "We showcased glimpses of quality, particularly in our build-up play from the back, but we were not as consistent as we aimed to be," he remarked. "We conceded goals cheaply, which is disappointing, but overall, it was a brilliant day, especially when fielding a mix of players from different age groups and securing such a convincing victory."

Regarding Chido Martin Obi's remarkable goal-scoring form, Wilshere emphasised not only his natural prowess but also his dedication to continuous improvement. "Chido has always had a knack for finding the back of the net, but what impresses me most is his willingness to learn and evolve," Wilshere praised. 

"While he may be critical of certain aspects of his game, his impact on the team has been immense this season. With him being full-time and having a structured training programme next year, we hope to see him develop into an even more complete player."

Reflecting on the performance of Max Dowman, who at just 14 years old notched four assists and made a significant impact, Wilshere said. "There's always a concern when fielding such a young player in these matches, but if you’re good enough you’re old enough.

"He can be more consistent but he’s only 14 and hasn't even started his GCSEs yet. We need to find a balance of letting him play and enjoy because of his age but also trying to get as much work into him as we can.”

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