Willock - My Dad's seal of approval is everything

For Joe Willock, there is one man's approval he seeks more than anyone else's  - that of his father.

Growing up, our midfielder would know when he had played well and when he hadn't because his Dad would tell him straight away - and that has continued even to this day.

"He's the best person in the world - he's my rock and he's my hero," Joe told Arsenal Player. "For me to look at him and tell you all the sacrifices that he's made, it's just impossible. He's given up his whole life for me and my brothers to become who we are today. 

"He was in the fashion trade and had a shop, which he had to sell to keep on taking us to football. At this point we were young and he never knew we would go on to become footballers, but he sold it anyway. That's just the sort of thing that he would do because he has so much faith in us. It's crazy. He's my hero. 

"His seal of approval as well... wow. That's a seal of approval that stays at the top for me. That will be the same until the end of my career. 

"Growing up, my dad always gave me a match verdict even in training. He used to watch our training sessions and would tell me if I trained well or not. That was all that mattered to me. It hasn't done me wrong so far!"

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