Why video analysis is key to Emery's approach

When Unai Emery was appointed last summer, most profiles of our new head coach made mention of his enthusiasm for video analysis.

The Spaniard has used it throughout his career - but why is it so central to his approach?

"I think today every coach uses videos for their work," Emery told Arsenal Player. "I started to use video when I started as a coach 12 years ago because I think it’s a good way to show the player first on the TV that each match can be used like training. 

"Then the process is using the video to help you on the pitch so that you can do the same work like you’re watching in the movies. 
"We are using the video [analysis] collectively and individually. We also use it to know the opposition quality or the condition, and also our capacity, our work, how we can improve, how we are doing with the things we do positively, and also to improve things where we aren’t doing very well. 

"Individually we are also working to improve and look at their performances after each match.

"I think the Premier League the biggest competition in the world and I think here there are the best players. Each match is very hard because each team has very big players, and now I think the coaches also have a lot of experience and they are very qualified at each team in the Premier League. 

"For me, the analysis for each match is done with a lot of motivation because I need to show the player the best possibilities from the opposition."

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