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Wenger - Why I didn't select Alexis

The boss revealed his reasons for leaving Alexis out of the matchday squad for the trip to Bournemouth, when he spoke to the media after the game.

Arsène Wenger gave the latest on the transfer speculation surrounding the Chilean, and answered questions on possible new signings.

Read the transcript from his post-match press conference below

on whether he can afford to lose Alexis…
Look, if Alexis goes we need to replace him. When you look today we missed many players in our squad and you see that we have a weight in the team, and if players like Alexis go, we have of course to respond to it. Will he go or not? I do not know, but at the moment it’s the transfer period and in this kind of period you try to use the players that are completely focused at being at the club.

on whether he feels Alexis will go…
I don’t master the rhythm of that, but it could happen today or tomorrow, or not at all, that’s why I didn’t take a decision. I didn’t want to travel with him and suddenly he goes somewhere.

on whether Ozil didn’t travel for the same reason…
No, Mesut is injured.

on whether the rest of the team needs to step up and work harder…
I don’t think we didn’t work hard, we have come out of the Chelsea game where we gave a lot, we worked hard. We worked hard today, but we made mistakes and I wouldn't say the team hasn't worked or not played with a good spirit. They were focused and the attitude is one thing, but at that level it is a combination of quality and attitude, and today I question more the quality of what we have created, than the attitude of the players. The attitude of the players was strong.

on whether he needs the Alexis situation to be resolved…
Maybe, we would not need it at all. That’s basically what it is. I believe that when I arrived in England it [the transfer market] was open until April, from the first two days, I think how you keep it like that, how you close it completely during the season.

on whether he has been assured that Alexis will be replaced if he leaves…

on what the situation is with Malcom…
No, nothing is concrete there.

on whether he is a player he is trying to get…
It’s better I would not come out on any specific name.

on whether Alexis didn’t want to play…
No, I didn’t say that. Alexis would have played, but it’s a difficult period for him. He has always been committed until now, but he could have moved yesterday, today or not at all. It will be decided in the next 48 hours, it was a bit different for him because he was on standby a little bit, that’s why I decided not to do it. He did not refuse to play.

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