'We'll get to know each other properly on tour'

Petr Cech is looking forward to the opportunity to strengthen the bond between the players and the new coaching staff during our tour to Singapore.


We depart on Sunday for the Far East, where we will face Atletico Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain - and our No 1 is looking to make the most from the trip.


“I think when you are away on tour you get to know people in a slightly different way,” Cech told Arsenal Player. “You see them every minute of the whole day for a whole week.


“Obviously, we'll have time to work as well because usually on a tour like that, when you train, then you have some more time in the hotel where you can use it to hold individual meetings and discussions about certain things.


“I think the coaching staff have the chance to speak to certain people as well about the way pre-season has been going, what is expected, what they would like you to improve or not to do.


“All these things are beneficial for everyone, especially for the new players as well. When you have new players coming in, you get to know all the players and get a different perspective when you spend a whole week with them in a different environment. It's easier than to carry on during the season.”


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