'We were super aggressive and sustained attacks'

Three points, three goals and three different scorers. Mikel Arteta was understandably pleased with his side's performance on Thursday evening.

We were the favourites on paper going into the game but after Dundalk defended resolutely for 42 minutes, our manager was delighted to see us capitalise on a clinical 10 minutes in north London.

"It's great to start with six points in the first two games," he told "I'm really pleased with the performance of the team, the way they went about the job, because sometimes you can get confused when you play this kind of opponent.

"They didn't, they showed the right attitude and were very insistent, trying to attack in the final third against a very low block. I'm really pleased with players who I haven't been able to give much opportunity to. Today when they had it, they took it really well and that means they are preparing well.

"I could see the purpose and how we were attacking, and I knew the situations were going to appear. It was about not losing that structure and keep doing it for longer periods. But we sustained the attacks much better in the second and third phases as well.

"We were very close in transitions and then we were very aggressive again. Every time they had the ball, we were super aggressive and regained the ball really high. I'm pleased with that."

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