'We need characters and players like David Luiz'

David Luiz
David Luiz

Sokratis spoke to the media after the win against Burnley, and you can read a transcript of his comments below:

on the win against Burnley

"It was important because the other team played very good - not very good football but they play this style of game where every time they like to fight for second balls. It was good, it was a hard game and an important three points. It is good because we go to the derbies with six points.

"For a defender it is more difficult because you have to fight a lot. Of course you have to be ready in every game. I think today as a defence we did well. We were a little bit unlucky with the goal. But in the end 2-1 is an important win - three points and we got to the next game."

on David Luiz

"I have known him for a lot of years. He also speaks some Greek and is a very good guy. I am happy also that we took a player like him with experience. 

"When I was in Dortmund I played with Hummels, who has the same style as David. It was also a very good partnership and it is very good [now with David Luiz]. It was his first game, it is important that we won and we can go from here.

"When [David] came we spoke a lot that we will have moments when we struggle, but we have to struggle all together. Of course he is a player that has experience because he played for big teams. We need character and players like him.

"Yes, it is good [to build a partnership]. But we have also Rob Holding, [Calum] Chambers who are good players and Dinos [Mavropanos], who is coming back now. We have to be ready for every game. It is a lot of games and we need all the players. The important thing is to win as a team. In games somebody has to stay outside and somebody has to play, but the important thing is the team."

David Luiz during his Arsenal debut

David Luiz during his Arsenal debut

on the defence

"I think last year, like a team, we were better than the last two or three years. We had players that were injured in the beginning like Laurent Koscielny and also Aaron Ramsey at the end of the season - he was very important for us. This year we have to find the situation where we struggle all together like a team. We have to fight for 90 minutes. I think this year can be much better than the last year. 

"We learn because after every game we analyse the game with the staff and the manager. He works a lot to improve us. Also now, in the game, today in some situations that you understand you have to do better and we will see if we have in the next days. But it is something that in the last year to now you have to do something different. This is about the work, the communication with the manager and the staff. 

"The defence starts first from Lacazette and Aubameyang. For this I said that we have to struggle all together. If we are there all together and we fight all together it will be much better. In the end maybe we will lose, maybe we will win, but the image of the team will be better."



on facing Liverpool next

"But the 5-1 last season…it was not the game to take five goals - [there was] the penalty kicks, we made mistakes. I think this year will be different, but we have to improve of course from the work we do with the coach and his staff. We have to be prepare for this game. It will be difficult of course.

"It was not only this game we learned from [last season]. We learned from Chelsea, Manchester City. We know already to be at this level you have to improve and to have more confidence and character when you go to play there. We have to go there and play our game. We have to have confidence and be together for 90 minutes.

"It is a different game [from Burnley]. If they are on good day and you are having a bad day, it is hard.

"I think that we have to go and play our game. In the end, we know that it is difficult and we respect Liverpool a lot. But I think the best [way] is to go and play our style of game. We will see what happens."

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