Press conference

'We made mistakes and didn't create enough'

The boss bemoaned shortcomings at both ends of the pitch, after witnessing Bournemouth's comeback win on Sunday afternoon.

The manager spoke to the media after our 2-1 defeat, when he outlined what went wrong on the south coast, as well discussing Alexandre Lacazette's form and the current team spirit.

on the performance…

I feel overall physically it was a tough game for us. We made it most difficult and after that we were 1-0 up. We made two very surprising mistakes that were not even forced errors, it was just a lack of decision-making and overall you come out of the game thinking: how did we lose the game? That was it basically, but by being very harsh I would say as well that we have not created enough with the possession we had. We looked a bit lacklustre in the final third, not sharp enough to create chances and that’s why as well when you are 1-0 up normally you should create more to be dangerous and we paid for that. It was a combination of the two which made us pay a heavy price.

on whether it was frustrating…

Yes of course it’s frustrating. It’s very frustrating and very disappointing result for us, especially when you are 1-0 up and we made mistakes in areas where you wonder where they come from.

on whether Lacazette is short on confidence…

That’s inevitable, with what happens when you don’t score you look a little bit like that.

on whether he is concerned with the team spirit…

I am not concerned about the spirit, I am concerned about the fact that when it matters we are not dangerous enough, we are not sound enough at the back. Where it matters is in your box and where it matters is in the final third, offensively we didn’t look dangerous enough today.

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