'We have to use his experience in a powerful way'

One of the most noticeable aspects in our uplift in form since Mikel Arteta took over has been the dominance David Luiz has displayed at the back.

Our new head coach is delighted with the way the centre-back has responded since he asked him to show his leadership qualities.

“That’s what I wanted to demand of him," Arteta said. "He is a player that has won more trophies than anybody else in that dressing room. We have to use that in a very powerful way.

"I wanted him to step up, I wanted him to put all his qualities - his personality and his experience - towards the team and he made a big step forward. I am very very pleased with him.

"In the games he has played under me so far he has been terrific. His attitude in training, the way he communicates with his team-mates, his desire to still learn, it’s superb. I am delighted with him.”

Arteta revealed that he has taken a hands-on approach with our defence as he looks to strengthen us at he back.

"We have to [do that] because I have to share my principals and what I expect from them in every situation on the pitch," he said. "It might be a bit a little bit different from what they do with other managers, but positionally they have to understand what I expect from them.

“[We do] different types of drills, drills where they are facing the ball when the ball is far from them, situations where they have to defend transitions when they are overloaded, when they are in equal numbers.

"When the ball is with the full-backs, what I expect from them. Where I want the line in relation to the ball, not just the opponent, a few things that for us are important.”

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