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‘We have to find solutions to attack better’

It was a frustrating night on Sunday as we were beaten by Leicester despite dominating long periods of the game and creating some clear openings.

Mikel Arteta is keen to improve our play in the final third, and is confident that the goals will soon start flowing.
“When we are at home and we're not able to score a goal, I am concerned,” he said. “I am concerned about the second half, we should have done better, we only had the chance for Hector.
“They didn't have anything to be fair until after 75 or 80 minutes, but still it is something we have to improve in the final third, the solutions we have to give them to attack better, to be more continuous, to be able to sustain attacks in longer periods and put the ball in the box more. We have been working on that so hopefully we can improve it.
“It is the role of everybody, first of all mine to give them the solutions and structure to attack better. Obviously this block and the way they set up is not easy at all, but we opened them up five or six times in the first half and should have scored a goal.
“It is something we are not too used to because we have not faced teams [like that] too regularly but I think it is a really good sign when Leicester suddenly comes to your house and acts like that, it is because they really respect you now and they are concerned.
“We have to take that as something very positive and and as an advantage because if teams are going to start to do that, I'm telling you we are going to win a lot of games.”

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