Watch Arsène Wenger's final Arsenal interview

After his press conference, the television and radio interviews, Arsène Wenger's final ever words as our manager were delivered to Arsenal Media.

The boss spoke to us following the 1-0 win at Huddersfield - his 1,235th game in charge.

Read on for the full transcript…

on the emotions of the day…
It's difficult you know. It's such an emotional day, after 1,235 games, to realise it's your last one is very difficult. For me, for it to be a happy day it has to be a win, so it was a great day because there was a celebration for Huddersfield, they stayed in the league, and for us it was my last game. Overall I am very happy. It finishes well and I wish success to the club in the future. We have a great club and a great team, and with a few additions this team will challenge next year, I'm convinced. They have a great spirit and I will follow that with very, very scrupulous attention.

on the reception from Huddersfield…
They have shown a lot of class and respect. That shows you that in England people really love football and have a great respect. I enjoyed it very much and would like to thank them for that as well.

on when it will sink in…
Certainly tomorrow morning, because when you finish a season and remain a manager, you plan what you have to do next season, and that will make me realise that's not the case anymore. That's why I wish the club makes the right decisions, continues to progress and move on.   

on what he will do tomorrow…
The car drives alone, it goes on the M25 and goes out at Colney. I will still have to clear my office. I will have a few days away now, then come back and clear my office, and then I will have to think where I go from there.

The manager's final message to the fans…
I would say we have something in common, that will remain. They certainly did not always agree with me, but we had something in common, that I wanted to show that I respect and share, and that's the love of Arsenal Football Club. That has to be beyond everything else.


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