Twitter Q&A: The answers from Rob Holding

Rob Holding Twitter Q&A
Rob Holding Twitter Q&A

Rob Holding answered a selection of fan questions on Twitter on Tuesday evening.

Our defender was asked about everything from his routine at home to his top five rappers and whether he sings his own chant in his house.

Rob sent video replies to some fans, all of which can be found by clicking here and viewing the #AskRob thread that follows.

This is what Rob was asked - and you can click the questions to watch the individual video replies:

@PaulMoody21: What has your daily routine been like since the suspension of the Premier League? #AskRob

Rob: My daily routine has been getting a lie in every day, which has been nice. But I get a bit of breakfast and then chill out for a bit and then in the early afternoon, I start my workout stuff. Then it's dinner and bed and then repeat. It's basically been the same for the past three weeks now, but yeah, this is the homemade gym that I've put together. I've got my sessions written on the board. I've got an ab roller, a Swiss ball, some dumbbells, a gym rack - obviously key, a football - an exercise bike, some hurdles and yoga gear and obviously a speaker! There's some motivational stuff on the wall... a bit of Muhammad Ali. But yeah, I basically come in here after an outside run and then do a bit of a workout in here and get a nice sweat on. I open the patio doors out to the outside to do the things I have to do out there.

@ftblnoah: Which of your Arsenal teammates have you FaceTimed the most since lockdown started? #AskRob

Rob: Probably no surprise to people... it's been Calum, as well as Hector occasionally because we've been doing yoga together with our teacher. It's been good having that bit of contact with those people each day, but yes, I've been facetiming Calum and playing Call of Duty and stuff with Calum as well, so I'm always speaking to him really.

@aloeluo: Hi Rob, I’ve noticed you tagged Calum as the one you carried in Warzone. So how was your performance in Warzone? And how was Calum’s?

Rob: Calum's probably the most-improved player, for sure! He started off slow... but has grown a lot in the past weeks and now can hold his own. But I'm probably taking MVP. I don't think the lads will have anything to say about that, I don't think there'll be many people complaining but I enjoy the game, enjoy sniping and it just passes the time!

@SemperFiArsenal: Which movies/series are you watching during the lockdown? #AskRob

Rob: I've been watching 'Sunderland Till I Die' on Netflix, which has been enjoyable and quite interesting to watch what goes on behind the scenes for them. I've also started 'Killing Eve', which has been interesting and is a good watch. It's a bit of a nail-biting series but I'm enjoying that. I'm up to series two now and then series three comes out soon, I think. So I've got to hurry up with series two!

@sokaraasclaatis: Who are your top 5 favourite rappers? #AskRob

Rob: That's a tough one. I had to think about it and I had to write it down. My top five - in no particular order - would be: Drake, J Cole, Biggie Smalls, Kanye West and Eminem. I have to put an honourable mention out there for Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar and 50 Cent. But the first five, it'd probably be hard to knock one of them off.

@JonBooth_74: If you were to play NFL which position would you most want to play & who for? #AskRob

Rob: I've always said with our American coach Shad that I'd want to play tight end and have a chance of scoring some touchdowns. And the team... I'd probably choose the San Francisco 49ers. I think they have one of the nicest kits with the gold and the white and the red. And it's in California, where the sun is, so why not?!

@DylEllis5: Do you sing the Cannavaro chant to yourself around the house? #AskRob

Rob: No, I don't sing that around the house! I was driving the other day though and 'Spirit in the Sky' came on and I sang the Lacazette version in the car. So some songs do come into my head, but I don't sing my own song.

Rob then thanked fans for sending in their questions and sent them the following message...

Rob: Thanks for all the questions today. I know it's a tough time out there at the moment and we've all got to sort of stick together and try and stay as positive as we can. I'm hoping to be back training and playing in front of you guys as soon as possible, but as for now, we've just got to follow the guidelines and keep safe.

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