Catley shares learnings from our opening day loss

It was a tough start to our Women's Super League campaign but Steph Catley believes there is still everything to fight for.

"In the first half, we played some really nice football and we changed the point of attack," said Catley. "It was just one of those days where it wasn't going in the back of the net."

"We had a couple of massive chances where the keeper pulled off some great saves but then in the second half, we just struggled to find any rhythm."

After a first half of total domination where Liverpool were rarely allowed outside their own half, the visitors stunned Emirates Stadium with a goal straight after the restart. 

"Maybe once they scored that goal, we were rushing a little bit and lost the way that we were playing.

"That can happen in football sometimes. We're still learning from each other and we've got a lot of new players in the team. A lot of us have just come back from playing very different styles at national teams."

"Unfortunately, that means today, we've come away with a loss. But I think sometimes when you have moments like this, that's where you learn the most, and you bounce back."

Bouncing back from setbacks became something of a habit for our squad last season during an injury-laden campaign, and Catley feels no cause for alarm at such an early stage. 

"It's round one, it's a long season. And as disappointing as it is, I think there's a lot of good to take from it. We just have to go back and look at what could have been better and be better next week."

Another WSL record crowd of 54,115 was in attendance at Emirates Stadium on Sunday afternoon and in spite of a difficult result, our Australian defender is proud and hopeful for the future. 

"I think off the back of the World Cup with the consistent massive crowds, having the first game back in the league like this with a record crowd just shows where women's football is at right now.

"I think at Arsenal, our fans do it the best and they consistently show up for us. They're loud, they're dedicated. They absolutely love our team.

"We're very lucky to have them and hopefully, they can keep showing up for us."

Click play on the video above to hear Steph's full interview.

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