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‘Smith Rowe's numbers aren't a coincidence’

It has been a stellar season for Emile Smith Rowe.

Our academy graduate has 10 goals and two assists so far, and has become a full England international.


But what does Mikel Arteta put it down to?


"The numbers should be looking something like this and that's not a coincidence," the boss said. "He's practising every day, he is working, he has willingness to do it because he knows he has the qualities and the capacity to do it. That's what we have to demand from players whether they are 19 or 20 or 35.

"I think it's [down to] a combination of everything. It's in his nature, he needs to feel that confidence and that trust around the coaching staff that we are the right people to guide him and to take him to the next level.


"He needs his team-mates, which are big contributors to what he can do on the pitch. He needs to feel love, he needs to have the right environment around him, his family, girlfriend or whatever next to him, and when that happens, he has got a good chance."

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