Senderos - Why I threw up on the Bernabeu pitch

Philippe Senderos
Philippe Senderos

Many fans will remember our famous 2006 win at Real Madrid for Thierry Henry's incredible solo goal, but it sticks in the mind of Philippe Senderos for a very different reason.

Speaking on our ‘In Lockdown’ podcast, Senderos revealed exactly why he threw up on the pitch before the referee had even blown his whistle. 
"That Real Madrid game, away, with an amazing Henry goal - that game was for me one of my best memories in an Arsenal shirt and on a football pitch in general,” he said.
"My Dad is Spanish, from very close to Madrid so he's supported Real Madrid all his life and me growing up, I always looked at Real Madrid being an amazing team and a team that I would love to play for in the future.

"That game, that day at the Bernabeu, was the day that I was the most nervous in my whole entire life. I remember throwing up before the game on the field and before the ref blew because I was actually living my dream.
"Playing at the Bernabeu against Real Madrid for Arsenal that was my dream as a kid. I wanted to do that in my life and I was actually living it so that's one of my best memories on a football field."

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