The secret to Unai's success... self-help books

Unai Emery

Unai Emery freely admits that he is very demanding of his players, his staff and most of all himself.


In an authorised biography of our head coach, the Spaniard admits that he uses self-help books to help improve his own performance. So what does he get out of them?


This is what he told the media:


on why he uses self-help books...

I am very demanding of myself. I know first that I need to continue improving in the new language so I can explain good my English with you and with every supporter, and also inside with the players. I need to continue reading books and I like a lot to learn about different people in the world, different people with success, in and outside of football. I use it for me and I use also to give the players my experience or my learning in every moment. I know the quality is very important, the performance is about this quality and also working together tactically. The most important is the head.


on whether he has given books to the players…

I usually give them some books to read, but not yet here. Not yet. They are books for personal development, for demanding things to do.”


on what books he has read recently…

[One called] Good Luck. It’s very good. I recommend it to you. It’s a Spanish person who wrote it. I read a lot of books. But I think for tomorrow it’s not important how many I read. More important tomorrow is the tactics, the mentality.

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