Ryan - What you can expect from me at Arsenal

During his time at Brighton, we often saw the very best of Mat Ryan’s goalkeeping qualities when he faced us in the Premier League.

So what can we expect from the Australia international now that he’s a Gooner?

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“I’d say on the field it's probably my reliability as a goalkeeper,” Ryan told “I feel like I'm quite consistent with my performances. 

“I dedicate every aspect of my life to playing football and trying to win football games for whoever I am representing, be it the club or the national team in Australia. So that willingness to win and to go the extra length to do that is probably the main driving force behind me. 

“Off the field, I like to think that I'm just a genuine, easygoing person. I'm pretty laid back and approachable and happy to have a chat with anyone. Like I said, I'm very dedicated towards my sport and very professional and I don't want any stone unturned in trying to get a win on matchdays when they come on. I give all of myself in order to try to achieve that.”

So what is his mindset between now and the end of the campaign?

“Firstly, to get in here and start the adaption phase and learn the ins and outs, to get more understanding of the playing group and the coaching staff and what's going to be required of me as a goalkeeper and what they're looking for and the way of playing, the style of play and all those types of things,” Ryan added. 

“I’m ready to develop a great relationship with them and I feel that the quicker and more efficiently I am able to do that, the better chance it's going to give myself as an individual to contribute at a greater level for the club. 

“That's my focus, to come in here and work hard, push each other and improve as a player and as a person. I have no doubts that I'm in the right environment to do that.”

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