Reddit AMA: The answers from Kieran Tierney

Kieran Tierney Reddit AMA
Kieran Tierney Reddit AMA

Kieran Tierney spent time on Friday evening answering a wide range of questions from Arsenal fans on Reddit.

Kieran was taking part in our fifth 'Ask Me Anything' session with the r/gunners subreddit, the largest community of Arsenal fans on the platform, with over 157,000 registered supporters.

Scroll down to read the questions - and find out how Kieran answered:

Who was your first friend at Arsenal and who is your role model at the club?
The first two people I became friends with were Hector and Dinos as when I first came in my first sessions I was walking out with them and they were the first people I really spoke with. We were all injured together at the same time so that's why they were the first people I really spoke to. They really helped me a lot to settle in.

Which Scottish delicacy are you missing down south?
Well my mum brings me Scottish food down, so the main thing would be the square sausage. I don't know if you know about that? It's probably that. But just being away from my family and friends is probably the hardest part. I'd been with my parents and seen those people every day of my life and then to come down here away from that at first was tough.

Coming from your boyhood club must have been really hard, what was the decision based on? Any previous love for the Gooners or was it mainly the competitiveness of the league?
I would say leaving Celtic was the hardest decision I'd ever had to make and I knew I would always miss Celtic no matter what happens in life. But the chance to play for Arsenal was a challenge that when I heard of it, I was just looking forward to it.

What's the best moment you've had so far from your time at Arsenal?
Probably the reception I got from you guys on my debut. Making an appearance after injury is always brilliant but the Arsenal fans took me so well with a round of applause at the start as well as when I was substituted so the night of making my debut against Forest was just a great night.

Which are your top 3 left backs of all-time and how are you spending your days during quarantine? 
I wouldn't say I have a top three but I think the best is Roberto Carlos. I'm training in the morning at the moment and doing the programme that the Arsenal sports science team give me and in afternoons and nights I am playing PlayStation!

Who is your favourite player of all-time?
That's hard... for Celtic it would be Henrik Larsson. I think he would be every Celtic fan's hero. And when I was younger I always loved Thierry Henry too. He was always the reason I'd watch Match of the Day and stuff like that.

Who was the player you were most blown away by during your first few training sessions?
Gabriel Martinelli. When I first did a full training session with the team I was put up against him and the intensity of his play was honestly mind-blowing and I thought to myself: this is the standard I need to be at to play for Arsenal.

I'm a 22 year old Gooner who moved from London to Glasgow when you moved the other way - anything hidden/ favourite spots from home you recommend?
I'd say Tiffney's Steakhouse in the west end. That was always my favourite. If you ever want to watch a Celtic game go to Graces!

What are the best shorts to wear if I want to go on a walk during cold snowy weather?
Ones that are not too high but also not below the knee! You don't want to look like a basketball player and if they're too high you look as if you're on Love Island!

What are some of your hobbies unrelated to football?
PlayStation and family time really! But if I'm back home with my friends I might go and have a game of pool or snooker or maybe darts the odd time.

What is your lockdown routine?
My routine is that I get up at 10am, have a bit of breakfast, which is usually scrambled eggs, ham and a slice of toast and then I'm training from 11am to half 12 before lunch at 1pm. Then a few hours of PlayStation, dinner in a couple of hours and then a couple of hours PlayStation again. And repeat, repeat, repeat!

What do you miss most about Celtic?
I miss everything about Celtic. And I always will. I am very grateful for every second I spent playing for the club.

How cold does it have to be for you NOT to wear shorts when training?
I will always wear shorts in training! I've done it so long now I'd be scared to change

Toughest opponent you've faced? Maybe not the best but the one who caused you the most problems in a match?
Mbappe. I think I've said that a few times now though! He was the quickest and sharpest that I've come up against.

Which current teammate does the best Scottish accent?
Calum Chambers thinks he can... but he can't. So the answer is no one.

With who do you get along the best at the club and spend most of the time with? Who has the best banter?
Rob and Calum I would say are the ones that I spend the most time with. But their English banter is just not as good as my Scottish banter. They don't understand my banter either... or my accent.

Which youth player do you think has immense potential and can be a world beater in the future?
Again, I would say Martinelli. I think his hunger and drive and his talent together as one is more than enough to be a world class player for many years.

Kieran, you mentioned your love for rom-coms! What are some of your favourite films?
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. The Great Gatsby - does that count? Hitch is a good one as well. Just Go With It is a Netflix classic that I've watched many a time. P.S. I Love You as well, I've watched that. 50 First Dates... there's hundreds! I love them. Some more... Along Came Polly and The Break-Up. I think there's more but those are the big ones for me. Oh, Crazy Stupid Love as well!

What's your favourite thing about living in London?
Playing for Arsenal. I didn't move to Arsenal to live in London. I came here to London so I could play for Arsenal.

What are some of the psychological roadblocks a player undergoing rehab for injuries has to overcome in order to get to full fitness? And what was something you personally did in order to overcome them?
I just made sure I was in lots of contact with the people around me and the people closest to me. I just always spoke to people and tried to keep my spirits high. But the physios at the club helped me so much as well. I've not got one complaint.

What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled on a teammate?
I do small pranks here and there... nothing that would make the headlines!

I want to ask how you've been passing the time in quarantine? Do you play Football Manager?
Yeah, the odd time I will start a save for it... but I find it quite complicated!

Are there any other people, sportsperson or otherwise, who was an inspiration for you in pursuing a life in sport or football?
When I was younger no not really. It was only footballers I would look up to for inspiration but now it's good to look at all sports and take bits and pieces from the people at the top of their game.

Do any players carpool together to training?
No but me and Rob travel to the games together sometimes! We're near each other so for games and that, yeah.

Which Old Firm derby was your favourite?
I have two favourite Glasgow derby matches. One would be winning 5-1 at Ibrox because a scoreline like that doesn't happen every time in an away game and the next one would be winning the league against them at Celtic Park which is self-explanatory.

What do you prefer, Chinese food or Indian food?
Chinese every single day of the week! Chicken curry, fried rice and chips for me. And salt and chilli chicken! It's unbelievable.

What is your go-to music to listen to before a match?
I've got my own playlist and I'll go onto it now and tell you what it consists of... it's got some ABBA, Gerry Cinnamon, Oasis, The Verve, Ocean Colour Scene and the Courteeners. And many more!

What advice would you give to a young player just starting out their career?
Just to be happy. That's it. Work hard and be happy.

What is the ideal number and variety of tracksuits a man should own?
You can never ever have enough tracksuits. Tracksuits are the way forward. I would wear one every single day!

Do you have any pre-game superstitions?
I wouldn't say I have superstitions but I've got a routine, but it's pretty basic.

What's your favourite Gerry Cinnamon song?
'Canter' obviously reminds me of signing for Arsenal but 'Diamonds in the Mud' is a special song because when I'm in London it reminds me of being back home.

What's a roadman?
Roadman translates to 'ned' in Scotland and I've been called that all my life, so that's cool.

I want to know if you've won a game of Warzone yet?
No I've not, but I only played one game and I hated it. Now I'm playing more hardpoint or capture the flag.

I've heard you say before that you love the Mamma Mia films, do you prefer the first Mamma Mia or Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again?
Here We Go Again for me. But it's so, so close. Either answer is acceptable to me!

What is your favourite song from Mamma Mia?
Wow! Ok let me see... nope. That's the hardest question I think I've ever been asked. I can't pick one!

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