‘Physically she’s a beast… she never gives up’

If anyone knows Tabea Kemme, it’s Lia Walti.

The duo joined us from Turbine Potsdam this week, having spent five years together in north Germany, and Walti believes that Kemme will be a perfect fit in Joe Montemurro’s side.
“On the pitch, she’s a beast,” she told Arsenal Player. “That’s the word. Physically she’s really, really good and nobody likes to play against her.
“In a one against one, she has the ball or she has the other player with a foul, she’s a really physical player who’s always fighting until the end. She never gives up and that’s what her strength is.
“Off the pitch, she is a calm person who is calm, who listens first and talks later. She’s a person who always stays positive. Even now, when she’s had a big injury, she always stays positive every day and I think that’s why she always reaches her goals, because she always stays calm and positive in every situation in life.

“I also know Lisa and she told me about the training, the area and how perfect it is, about the team and that she thought I was a good player to come here, that she hoped I would join. She said they had a really good coach, a new coach, and was just saying positive things so that I would take the decision to come here.

“Knowing her at the beginning can help a lot. Lisa and Viv can show us a lot about the club, a lot about London or about the country. That will help a lot and of course it’s a help for me to have players here like Viki who I’ve known for two or three years and also Tabea, because when you’re new you always want to have some friends in the team.
“Maybe it’s harder to come here alone or know nobody than it is for me now. I’m happy that I know almost three or four players here and I’m looking forward to spending more time with them.”

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