Ospina - My role as the new dressing-room DJ

David Ospina

David Ospina is relishing his new responsibility in the dressing room.

The Colombia goalkeeper is well into his fourth season with us but has only recently taken over as the pre-match DJ, following Olivier Giroud’s switch to Chelsea.
“It's no big deal,” Ospina told Arsenal Player. “It’s just that before a match we always listen to music. Olivier used to be in charge of the selection but now that he’s gone to Chelsea, sometimes I select the music, sometimes it’s Mustafi. We try to create a happy mood before we walk on to the pitch.
“Recently we have been listening to a lot of J Balvin, a Colombian artist who produces really good music – it just makes us smile. Afterwards, different people play all sorts of music but beforehand it’s always reggaeton.
“Anyone can play whatever they like,” he added. “I play the stuff that I listen to anyway and the other players seem to like it - it’s pretty straightforward. I just set my phone down and start off with some reggaeton but anyone can select whatever they fancy listening to.
“Every individual has their personal taste and enjoys listening to the things they like but we need something in the dressing room that will work for everyone. Olivier used to put on his music, as I mentioned. I just play things that we listen to in South America.”

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