'Not good enough... we looked disjointed'

Jordan Nobbs was disappointed in our performance against Manchester City, as we fell to a 5-2 defeat away from home in the Women’s Super League, with the hosts scoring three times in 10 minutes late on.

The midfielder struck the crossbar when the scores were level during the second half, but it was City who scored next and ran away with the victory. Following the game, Nobbs spoke with

On the performance…

Not good enough from us. Poor start to the game, which i think then led onto a bit of nerves and unsettlement, but overall I don’t think that anyone performed at their best today and as a team I think we just looked a little disjointed and not together, I don’t think we didn’t want to work hard or be in that way, but unfortunately that’s how it turned out. We did well to even keep in it and even come back twice and maybe we should have taken that as a sign and maybe banked up a little bit more and taken it as a good position to be in right now considering we hadn’t played that well.

On the the team's spirit to come back...

I think we have a great team here, I think it’s the most together we’ve been in the last few years, but obviously we still need show that in the results and I think we got away with it last week and that showed in how we are in people and as a team and it did show in parts today, but that’s not enough when you play a team like Man City.

On the intensity of the performance…

I think we can all just hold our hands up and just say that we didn’t have the performances we would have liked to have had and we’ve got to watch it back and see, but definitely starting the game shaky is not the best way, but there was a long time to go in the game, so we didn’t concede in that moment and it’s not just down the them first five minutes, as a whole I don’t think we played our best football.

On the upcoming game…

I think when we’re pressing we need to be together as a team, I think we were too disjointed and the gaps were too big and I think we need to sort that as a team before we maybe look at the bigger picture, but apart from that I know how talented these girls are and we know we can play better than that anyway, so we definitely need to go in with a better mindset and start the game sharper and put in a better performance.

On the change of formation in the second-half with two up top…

I think they did quite well, I think when they came on actually her and Beth had joy and especially if we hit that ball a little direct, especially on Beth’s side, but I still think in the middle we struggled to get that pressure on and I think watching it back whether it’s distances or individual I need to see that back, but they definitely made a difference coming on and that early goal should have made a difference for us, but unfortunately I think Man City always had something else to our next plan.

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