Nketiah - Wright and Henry are my idols

Eddie Nketiah celebrates scoring against Fiorentina
Eddie Nketiah celebrates scoring against Fiorentina

For a man who adores scoring goals, perhaps it's not surprise that Eddie Nketiah idolises Thierry Henry and Ian Wright.

Our all-time top two scorers mustered 413 goals between them, so who better to ask for finishing tips?

“There’s a lot of great strikers who have played for Arsenal and who comes to mind is Wright and Henry," said Nketiah.

"I was with Ian Wright not too long ago and got some advice and it’s always nice to speak to those guys who have been your idols.

“I worked with Thierry as well and it’s great to get that advice off top strikers.

“I try to learn as much and take what I can and use it in my own game. Thierry was great for me, not just on the pitch, but off the field as well. He is a nice guy, very approachable, very nice and polite to us and really nice to work with.

“The two guys here are very good too. I feel we have a good relationship and Laca gave me a nice assist on the second goal [against Fiorentina] so I am grateful.”

Nketiah has most of his career ahead of him but is already renowned for his finishing. He's got three in the US already, scoring the winner against Bayern Munich and then a brace against Fiorentina.

“I worked really hard in the off-season to stay fit and be strong and I think that’s showing on the pitch," said Nketiah.

“I’ve worked hard on my physique in the off-season, trying to get stronger individually. I had a tournament with England which was good for me to stay fit, and I feel like all of the hard work is paying off and I want to keep it going.

“I’m trying to show in pre-season that I have developed and I'm ready to show what I can do. I’m ready to start playing regularly. I want to keep improving, keep working hard, I know I have a long way to go because I want to keep pushing and see how far I can get."

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