Wenger - Ozil is a players' favourite

Arsenal v Fulham programme

Arsene Wenger has likened Mesut Ozil to Zinedine Zidane because of the respect both men have earned from their team-mates.

Ozil was recently voted as the Germany player of the year for the third successive time and was named in the UEFA team of the year this week.

Wenger says that the Arsenal playmaker is held in high regard by his peers as well as his fans.

Matchday programme

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"He is very much appreciated by his team-mates," Wenger told the official matchday programme. "That's a real compliment you can get when you are a football player.

"For me it is a bit like Zidane when he played for Madrid, all the other players said he was the best.

"You want first to be recognised by people who do the same job as you, and I think that is the biggest compliment that you can get.

"You would speak with everybody who plays in this team, they always rate him very highly."

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