Wenger - Euro joy can help our title bid

Arsene Wenger believes a strong run in Europe can help - not hinder - Arsenal's Premier League title bid.

A victory over Marseille on Tuesday could be enough to take the Gunners into the last 16 of the Champions League, and at least one two-legged tie from February onwards.

Extra European fixtures would congest Arsenal's calendar as they look to sustain a challenge for a first domestic crown since 2004 - but Wenger says it's too early to worry about that.

"In the Premier League the differences are so small that the confidence can make a difference"

"I always think to win helps," he said. "The confidence of the team is vital, in the Premier League the differences are so small that the confidence can make a difference.

"We are in November, you are not in a calculating mode, we are at the moment just showing that we are a strong team, and let's improve. We have still a lot of room for improvement and that's what is at stake for us, to become a stronger team from game to game."

Arsenal's credentials have been underlined with wins over Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund and surprise package Southampton in recent weeks. Wenger says that has done wonders for his players' confidence.

"I would say the recent history, the recent results of the team have been good," he said. "These results are of course linked with quality, but also linked with the quality of attitude of the players.


"It is always difficult to know if you win because the players have a good attitude or do the players have a good attitude because you win? I think you win when the players have a good approach to the game and that is what we have. The confidence is linked with the recent results."

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