'Shall I do your running for you, Per?!'

The vast majority of our squad have knowledge of playing - and winning - Emirates FA Cup finals, but Saturday promises to be a new experience for Rob Holding.

Earlier this week, the 21-year-old sat down with club captain Per Mertesacker to look ahead to the weekend's big game.  

Watch the video above to see what they discussed.

RH: So if we play together this Saturday, are you going to look after me? Or am I going to look after you? Shall I do your running for you?!

PM: That’s always been the case!

RH: What, that I do your running for you? Yeah!

PM: I’m the hawkeye! Everyone has to do a big job on Saturday, to lift the trophy, or to earn the right to lift the trophy. It is big for everyone - you make yourself run by yourself. I don’t need to remind you, you need to chase players, you need to block players. It is more giving you information and you know I am behind you. That’s more the case, giving you support that way. What you do, I think you are aware of, but sometimes you give me the okay [so you know] if I don’t get it, he has my back.

RH: I know you’ve got my back!


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