How a back three changes things

Two matches with our new system, two wins.

Before our trip to Middlesbrough a couple of weeks ago, Petr Cech had played the entirety of his Arsenal career behind a back four. So what’s different with a 3-4-3?

“I think it’s more complicated for the people in midfield, because the numbers and the spaces are different in terms of the defensive organisation,” the goalkeeper told Arsenal Player. “The front three and the midfield need to communicate more in terms of bringing the wing back back to defend or up to attack.

“I think the biggest adjustment is for the wing back. For the others, if you are a three, you defend the width of the box and I would say it’s not that complicated.

“There are games where you can start with four at the back and it’s not bringing you the advantage you want, so then you switch to a three. It’s always good to have both options and then you can use either formation.

“I think people go too much with 3-4-3 or whatever. You can use any combination - when you are without the ball, everybody defends, when you are with the ball, everybody attacks in a way. In the end, when you have possession of the ball, you never attack with only the three at the front.”

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