'We need to move on very quickly'

It was another chastening night in Europe for us on Tuesday as we were beaten by Bayern Munich as we exited the Champions League.

Theo Walcott scored the opener during an encouraging opening 45 minutes, before Laurent Koscielny’s red card changed the course of the game.

The England international admits there is a lot of “hurt” among the squad, but says there is no time to dwell on the defeat.

“We wanted to just show passion and commitment, that hasn’t been there in the recent weeks to be honest, and we did,” Walcott told Arsenal Player. “We gave it our all, we went down to 10 men and it completely changed the whole pattern of the game.

“We should’ve been smart and just [opted for] damage limitation really. It’s just a big shame. People will be saying that we don’t care and stuff like this but obviously we do care. There’s loads of players who are very hurt, completely, in the dressing room.

“We’ve got Lincoln at the weekend where we’re massive favourites to win that game. We need to move on very quickly from this disappointment.

“We can’t say, ‘if this happened, or if that happened’. That’s the worst thing in football. It’s a good opportunity to go to Wembley and we need to take it. We’ve got a great opportunity there and then we need to work on the league position.

“I know we’ve got a game in hand, but it’s going to show if we’re ready for the fight towards the end of the season. Trust me - we are. We are, we just need to show that first half on a consistent basis.”

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