'My preference has always been Arsenal'

Arsene Wenger faced the press on Thursday before continuing his preparations for our trip to Anfield to face Liverpool.

Read on for more quotes from the manager’s media briefing:

on whether he is close to making a decision about his future…
Look, I think there is no need to come back onto that at the moment.

on whether he’d be interested in the Barcelona job…
No, my preference has always been the same and will remain the same. Of course I am not looking for jobs in other clubs or jobs off other people, I am focused on me, getting to the next level and trying to improve and always trying to see what you can do better and reinvent yourself and that’s what I try to do. That’s basically it.

on his preference ‘always being the same’…
I have been here for 20 years and I had many times the opportunity to leave so I don’t think I have to convince you that my preference has always been Arsenal. But of course I am objective and lucid enough to make the right decision for myself and the club as well. The club is free to make the decision it wants and I will respect that.

on whether he finds it odd that Luis Enrique’s departure was announced mid-season…
No, not really. I believe that the players have their targets, the team targets and I don’t think that can be detrimental. It can be positive as well.

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