Boss - Non-league support base is unique

Having experienced the passion of non-league football first hand against Sutton United, Arsene Wenger knows just how unique it is in this country.

The Arsenal manager started his career in France, but says football outside the league pyramid in his homeland is very different to how it is in England.

“I'd say the main difference is the quality of the support the lower teams get here in England,” Wenger told Arsenal Player.

“I live close to Barnet for example, and they have plenty of dedicated, lifelong supporters. The support of these clubs is much bigger than it was for similar clubs in France when I was there.

“Usually a club in France of that level is made up of a few people who take care of it, and then maybe a hundred supporters per game. It was basically the families of the players who turn up to watch, but the support and passion around the non-league clubs are much bigger here.

"I would also say that the way the smaller clubs in England approach football today is much more professional than it was, and that includes non-league teams.

“What makes the charm of English football as well is that the small clubs have a real local support base. That is better in England than anywhere else in the world. I respect that a lot, I really like it and it helps to make these clubs powerful and more professional."


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The March edition of the Arsenal Magazine


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