Why the best players will stay in Europe

An explosion of incredibly lucrative, high-profile deals over the past few months has seen China establish itself as football’s new financial superpower.

But how will it affect the Premier League and European football in general - and does Arsene Wenger fear an exodus of players to the Far East?

"My thought is that when you want to be a football player, your first aspiration is to play in the best league, against the best players," he said.

"That has to be the first target, after that when you are a professional football player you want to combine the fact you can play in the best league, against the best players, for the maximum amount of money.

"So I think that combination is the best in England at the moment, so I don’t see why the players should leave the Premier League. But China has moved forward, tried to promote football and I’m happy that football becomes very popular in China.

"But I still think most of the big players will stay in Europe at the moment."


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