'Jacko's had so many bangers'

By Connor Armstrong

Rob Holding has been dealing with a new club, a new home and new team-mates this season. However, some things remain unchanged.

The 21-year-old has long harboured a love of Michael Jackson, something which he has carried over with the move south.

"I’ve been to the theatre a few times [since arriving in London]," Holding told Arsenal Player. "My mum and dad came down the other week and we watched Michael Jackson's 'Thriller', which was good.

"Who doesn't like Michael Jackson?! He's had so many bangers over the years. My mum's a big fan and they had us up dancing and singing so that was a good laugh.

"I liked all the Jackson Five stuff, I'm a big fan of that. I wasn't a massive fan of Billie Jean and Smooth Criminal - I know people love those ones but I’m a bit further into the disco and Motown."

Holding has also had to deal with being recognised on the tube, but he says that while it is a new experience, it is one he takes in his stride.

"I was on the tube the other day and these young lads were sat just opposite me, just on the angle, and I heard them say 'is that Rob Holding?' and then they were on their phones looking and were like 'yeah, that's Rob Holding'," he said. "I just started looking down when I heard them say it because I didn’t want to start smiling. So I was just like looking down and not letting them see that I was smiling for it.

"If someone came up to me and said, 'are you Rob Holding?' then I'd just be like 'yeah, nice to meet you'. And then if they wanted a photo, I'd pose for a photo and if they wanted something signed then I'd take the time to do it."


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