The reason we are scoring more goals

Arsenal celebrate Mesut Ozil's goal against Stoke

After the first 15 games of last season’s Premier league, we had scored 27 goals. At the same stage this year, that number has increased by a third.

Additionally, Arsène Wenger’s side have netted at least three times in 60 per cent of league matches so far in 2016/17, a free-scoring run for which the manager has an explanation.

“At the moment our goalscoring record depends on the quality of our movement and the quality of our passing,” he said. “We have a guy up front who doesn’t stay up there, he likes to come deep to make passes for the runners.

“That’s as well why I play with runners like Walcott, who can come and fill in in these positions. We can come a little bit from everywhere and with the quality of the passing behind, that explains certainly why we can score goals.


Stoke City (h) - Bitesize

“You want to focus on how you want to play and how you want to win the games, and we live in a society today where everybody has an opinion and we have to live with that. It has to not influence us at all.

“We just have to do what we believe is right. Real competition is competition with yourself. That means us together, going as far as we can. After that, I have enough experience to know no matter what you do, we have always people who question what you do - that’s normal.

“We know we are not perfect and I tell you even more, we have a lot of room for improvement. But what we need is everybody putting his quality at the service of the team and having the individual desire to progress.

“I think Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott, they have made strides up… Xhaka, in every game that you see he is on the way up. As well, Lucas came in and scored three goals so we need the help of everybody to achieve what we want to achieve but you have as well to be conscious.”

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