‘The whole 25 need to pitch in and help'

We’re taken 28 points from our last 12 Premier League games - but what’s been the reason for that consistent run of form?

According to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, the answer is squad depth - demonstrated by the fact our substitutes have contributed goals or assists in six Premier League games already this season.

“I’ve seen a stat that a lot of our goals and assists this season have come from substitutes, and that shows that everyone is really focused,” he said. “When the boys that aren’t starting but are coming on, they’re focused and are adding to the team. If you keep doing that through the season, it makes a massive difference.

“We always talk about it - it’s not just 11 or 18, it’s the whole 25 that need to pitch in and help. If important players do have to miss a bit of time with an injury, people are ready to step in and fill the role.

“I feel like that’s been good this season. We’d like to keep all our best players fit as much as possible, but what we’ve got a great squad here and a lot of depth.

“We just need to make sure that everyone continues being focused because everyone will be needed.”


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