Autism confidence group visit Emirates

The Arsenal Foundation recently supported The Au Struck adult confidence group, which is a social group for adults in North London with an Autistic Spectrum Condition.

They meet weekly in Islington and the aim of the group is to improve confidence and practice social situations that members may find difficult. Every other week the group go out on a trip in London, and the group recently visited an Emirates Stadium tour.

Au Struck is currently alternating between centre based activities, discussions and trips out to encourage use of public transport and access to public facilities. The group works to build independence and social/life skills. For many of the attendees, the group is the only social experience that they have during the week as autism affects communication and understanding leading to great anxiety and difficulty interacting with others.

With help from the Gunners Fund, the group have been also seen visits from dietitians and an artist with autism and a poet with autism who have led activities to encourage healthy eating and creativity.

‘D’ is a new attendee who has autism and OCD. When he first joined Au Struck, he was too nervous to eat in front of others and was very conscious of personal space, but he has now gained enough confidence to be able to attend dinner events and socialises with other group members.

The group is open to people who have Asperger Syndrome or High Functioning Autism and is held on Tuesday evenings from 6.30pm - 8.30pm at The Underground Youth Centre.

The Gunners Fund supports local projects and good causes in the boroughs of Islington, Camden and Hackney by offering smaller grants of up to £2,500 that can make a big difference to the community.

For more information on The Gunners Fund, and for details on how to apply, visit:

To submit an application, please complete the application template and email it to Samir Singh:

The AuStruck adult confidence group pose for a selfie!

The AuStruck adult confidence group pose for a selfie

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