'When Kim’s on the pitch it all changes'


'When Kim’s on the pitch it all changes'

Kim Little

Few players are gifted enough to single-handedly change the course of a game - but Pedro Martinez Losa thinks Kim Little is exactly that type.

The former Gunner has agreed to rejoin the club ahead of the 2017 season and the Arsenal Ladies manager is delighted to have a player of her pedigree in his squad.

"I think she’s more of a No 10 but in both [deep midfield and attack] she will fit very well," Losa told Arsenal.com

"She is the kind of player that it is impossible to keep quiet."

Pedro Martinez Losa

"That’s why I think the difference with her and other players is that she’s able to affect games. So we have players like Vicky [Losada] - very good in combinations - Jordan [Nobbs] - energetic, very good box-to-box - but I think Kim is the player who can just win games.

"She can score goals, she can be a second striker when we need it and also her character, her personality on the pitch I will only compare in those terms with Kelly [Smith]. She’s a player when she’s on the pitch, everything changes."

Such is Little’s ability that Losa believes opponents will find it difficult to predict and nullify the threat she poses.

"She is the kind of player that it is impossible [to keep quiet]," he added. "You control part of the game, you control your plan, you control the set-up, you control how the team is going to defend, how to attack, but there is an extra element of preparation for her or even improvisation, creativity that she understands.

"She is a manager on the pitch, so when you want to change something it is already too late because she has probably already caused the problem.

"I would describe her like a total football player who sees everything in the right place and is going to fit in from day one very well."


Kim Little scores in the 2011 FA Cup final

Kim Little scores in the 2011 FA Cup final


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