'Jack can complement Ozil very well’

Ozil, Wilshere and the boss

 Read on for extra quotes from Arsene Wenger as he discusses Jack Wilshere and how he will slot into the Arsenal team after his loan spell at Bournemouth:

on what the future holds…
I think he can be a player here. I don’t think he is a defensive player who plays in front of the defence because he can dribble, penetrate and have a little burst. He gets into the final third - that can be from wide or box-to-box. He can play with Ozil as well. Let’s not forget that Ozil can play wide as well.

on playing in defensive midfield for England…

I believe that England wanted to play him deeper and I can understand that as well because he can get you out of pressure with a good pass. That’s just my opinion about his position. But I think his main problem overall is being capable of playing every week. After that, I can understand that you want to use him deeper but I liked him when he was taking the ball and he is in there. You do not find many people who take people on. Comparing him to Ozil, he is a guy who takes people on with the ball while Ozil passes around people. He can complement him very well.

on how Jack is feeling…
He is an ambitious guy. We have all been his age and wanting to play football but we didn’t have his talent. You imagine what he must feel like when he cannot play with everything he can do. It is very frustrating. What is at stake for him is just playing.

on Wilshere’s contract…
I want him to extend, yes. I don’t know [when it will happen], I think around December.


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