'They knew that they could rely on him'

By Lloyd Webb

Petr Cech says David Seaman “was one of the finest goalkeepers in the world” ahead of the former shot stopper’s Arsenal return against Milan Glorie on Saturday afternoon.

The legend made 564 appearances during a 13-year spell with the club, and Cech will always remember the first time he was able to watch Seaman in action.

"The Euro '96 in England was one of those tournaments where the Czech Republic were doing really well and simultaneously England were doing really well,” Arsenal’s current No 1 told Arsenal Player.

"He had a great tournament in ’96 and it was the first time I had the chance to see him play. I had never seen him, but I knew that he was one of the finest goalkeepers in the world while he was playing.

"If you speak to anyone in a collective sport where you have goals, everybody tells you that the goalkeeper is the base of every success and every defence,” he added. "You need a goalkeeper capable of helping everyone and being a real help to the back four and the team in important moments.

"As well, not only in the saves but the way, you play you need to make sure everybody has the confidence to play in front of you. I think David Seaman is 100 per cent one of those goalkeepers where the back four knew they had a great guy behind them and they knew they could rely on him and could trust him."


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