‘The hope is alive for everybody’

Arsene Wenger

Here’s your latest batch of quotes from Arsene Wenger’s media duties ahead of the Liverpool game.

The boss speaks about Leicester’s title win, what it means for this season and why so many title contenders makes things harder - and easier.

on whether big spending is vital for success…
I believe on a longer distance it is still vital. I'm 20 years here in England and it is the first time a team like Leicester wins the championship. You can still make fantastic buys at a normal, reasonable price, we saw that with N'Golo Kante last season. He was certainly a vital aspect of their chances in the Premier League but they did not keep him so in the longer distance of course it [money] makes a difference.

What has Leicester's title win done for everyone?
It has motivated the bigger clubs to spend even more.

Will spending hit a plateau?
I have said that since I have been in the game and at some point it has to stop, but as long as football continues to develop and become more popular more money will come in. What is interesting to see is that, today, you have a local business and you just want to survive or you have a world business and the money comes in, whether it is Google, Facebook, football or any other sport. They are worldwide so you can't set any limitations on the income. If football continues to be popular it may become much higher in the future.

on the pressure on managers now…
It was already not bad before.

on concerns that managers get removed after one bad season…
Is it wrong? I believe that a club is as well, despite all the money, it is about identity and values, and values have been carried through the generations by somebody; the chairman, the manager or a player who stays a long while. I hope that will always be the case. It is not always about spending money or sacking the manager. Football has to be a bit bigger than that. I believe the big clubs are as well about values and identity and we have to be conscious - that is important as well.

on whether anyone else will manage for 20 years at one club…
The dinosaurs died at some stage!

on whether the pressure has increased…
Yes of course, because we haven’t won the Premier League for a while and our fans want to win the Premier League. Fans are demanding, more than ever. That’s normal, it is part of our business. At the end of the day, I try every day to be better than the day before and to commit 100 per cent in what I do. That is all you can do. No matter how much is demanded from you, you can only give your best.

on his comments that eight clubs can win the league…
Never before, but that can make it easier as well… because everyone can drop points. There is not one team that just walks away with it and nobody can catch them. The hope will be alive in the Premier League for everybody, maybe longer than ever. So on that front, if you are consistent, it can as well be easier.

on whether stability gives Arsenal an edge…
That’s what we have to show, [but] we don’t know. For example, [Pep] Guardiola has come in, he is a world-class manager. [Jose] Mourinho has come in at Man United, will that click very quickly or will it take some time? We don’t know. Sometimes it works marvellously very quickly, sometimes it takes time. I hope it will take time and that we can take advantage of the fact that we have stability.


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