'This was a massive experience for me'

Rob Holding spoke exclusively to Arsenal Player after making his first appearance for the club.

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on making his debut…
It was great, a massive turn out from the fans – it's one of the biggest crowds I have played in front of, so it's a massive experience for me. It's quality. It was a really good game as well, really enjoyable.

on his performance…
I think I did all right. It would have topped it off had my header gone in from that corner. That would have been a bit of a glory moment, but I'll keep working on it and it will come hopefully.

on the big names on show…
It's good to play against the likes of Drogba, Kaka and Pirlo. They are top quality players who have had massive careers and you can learn from playing against them. So it's been a great experience.

on getting the win…
It's massive. If you can get a good couple of wins in early you get that momentum, so that when you come to that first game of the season, against Liverpool at home, hopefully we can hit the ground running. Hopefully that will be the case.

on the build up…
I was a bit nervous coming into it. I was bound to be, but once I was on the pitch and warming up the jitters go and you are OK then. Your stomach settles and you feel good.

on Sunday's game…
Yes, you build on each game and hopefully we will get another win on Sunday, and keep building it up. 

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